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Cannon Beach Water Quality Protection

Cannon Beach Water Quality Protection

The Clatsop County organizing committee is aiming to reduce bacterial contamination at Ecola Court Outfall and within the Cannon Beach Urban Watershed. Blue Water Task Force and State Beach Monitoring has identified Ecola Court as one of the worst stormwater outfalls on Oregon beaches, exceeding health advisory limits 50% of the time. Through blue water task force monitoring and steady advocating, the group is working within a city task force to find solutions. Currently the City of Cannon Beach is reworking their stormwater master plan and has placed an mycofilter (mushrooms!) in the creek beds to try and mitigate and filter bacteria while the we partner on storm water source id efforts for bacteria.


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  • Chapter:
  • State: OR
  • Country: USA
  • Theme: Clean Water
  • Launch Date: November 03 2009
  • Completion Date: Ongoing

Mike Manzulli