Protect Grays Harbor from Massive Oil Terminals

Active | August 01 2013

Coastal Preservation

There is a massive proposed crude oil export terminal within Grays Harbor on the Washington Coast, we are working with a coalition of partners and community members, standing up to big oil, and seeking to deny the permits from being approved for this dangerous project.

The Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) was just completed for the Westway/Condata project and we worked with members and chapters to raise our concerns about the threats to the ocean, waves and beaches with a major oil spill associated with this project. We anticipate that the project proponents will try to move forward in seeking their required permits in the near future and it will be important to raise concerns during the public comment period. For more detailed information check out the Washington Chapters Website or contact Washington Field Manager Brice Boland to get involved. 

Coastal Preservation

Beaches are a unique and dynamic landscape that should be protected for the future. The Surfrider Foundation is leading efforts at the state and local levels to protect our shorelines on every coast. Our efforts are focused on establishing appropriate setbacks for development, opposing shoreline structures, and placing coastal lands in public trust.

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