Stop Maui’s Use of Wastewater Injection Wells


Chapter: Maui
State: HI
Country: USA
Theme: Clean Water
Launch Date: July 06 2011
Status: Active

After years of trying to negotiate with the County, Surfrider’s Maui Chapter is partnering with the West Maui Preservation Association, the Hawaii Wildlife Fund and Earth Justice in a lawsuit against the County’s use of wastewater injection wells. This is an important water quality issue, and for years, the Maui Chapter has been working with the DIRE (Don’t Inject, Redirect) Coalition to protect the nearshore marine environment. Hoping to conserve valuable water resources by eliminating or minimizing the use of injection wells for disposing wastewater near the ocean, the Coalition wants to treat, reclaim and reuse these water resources beneficially and safely on land. The DIRE Coalition consists of representatives from Surfrider’s Maui Chapter, Maui Tomorrow, Sierra Club, the Hawaii Wildlife Fund and other organizations and individuals.