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Another Beachfill Botched!

May 02 2012 | Coastal Preservation, Beach Dredge & Fill,
by John Weber

Although they would never admit it, the Army Corps and NJ DEP officials finally listened to the advice of beachfill critics and realized that their method of beach replenishment sometimes made beaches steep and dangerous to bathers.  So they tried something different.  More on that in this previous blog post

But their experiment left the beach covered in rocks.  Now in addition to the cost of the fill, you, the taxpayer, are paying $160,000 to clean up the rocks.   More here

No word on whether or not the beach will be re-named "Rocky Point"

The backstory - the beaches were so dangerous in Cape May that US Senator Lautenberg called for an investigation here  Unfortunately, no one has ever seen the results of that investigation (if there ever was one).  Yet the ACOE was allowed to try this experiment. 


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