Plastic Pollution
June 18 2009

Plastic-Eatin’ Microbes?

by scott harrison

That's what they say in this article!

Apparently some teenager has done what assorted Phd's were unable to do - find (well, it was actually found by multiple players around the globe) a microbe that speeds the "breakdown" of plastics...and he wonders if there is a way to get the microbes to multiply more quickly than they already do naturally.

Rightly, the author is cautiously optimistic but wonders if the process creates other unwanted by-products, etc. An *unstated* but certainly unwanted by-product will be the feeling that we can now all enjoy single-use plastics and toss them into the microbe bin for disposal.

The process is promising, but's really just a way of fooling Mother Nature to handle a problem that we've created for ourselves - and we all know that it's not nice to fool Mother Nature...!


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