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August 20 2007 |
by Surfrider Foundation International Program

Gustavo Huici, President of the SF Argentina Affiliate Organizing Committee was in today's Mar del Plata daily newspaper, La Capital, asking people to participate in a survey of beach trash happening on September 2 in partnership with the Natural Patagonia Foundation.

"Nosotros somos la causa y la solución de la contaminación", aseguró Gustavo Huici, presidente de la entidad ecologista Surfrider Argentina. Convocó a participar del censo de contaminación costera, que se realizará el 2 de septiembre.

"We are the cause and the solution of contamination," said Gustavo Huici, President of Surfrider Argentina. He is asking people to participate in a survey of coastal contaminiacion to be held on September 2.

Read the full article here in Spanish and click here for an English translation.
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