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Surfers Against Sewage Use ISD to Highlight New Climate Change Report

June 22 2007 |
by Surfrider Foundation

Surfers Against Sewage

UK Surf Threatened By Climate Change
On International Surfing Day, SAS launched a new report warning surfers that their sport is under threat from a changing climate. The report written by SAS examines the possible impacts a changing climate could have on one of the UK's fastest growing sports.

To illustrate our finding SAS campaigners moved to one of the highest points in Cornwall - Carn Brea - to unveil a 22nd century version of surfing, virtual style, as waves are off limits due to rising sea levels and polluted waters.

To view a 30 second film of launch action click here.

Over 600,000 people are now surfing in the UK. Surfers in the UK rely on a combination of clean, safe water, consistent swells and favourable tidal conditions to get the most out of British waves.

SAS have spent the last year researching the potential impacts of a changing climate and are now concerned that surfers in the UK could suffer from:

-A reduction in water quality as sewer systems are overwhelmed during storm events, increasing the health risks to surfers and other recreational water users.
-Changes in surf conditions as sea level rise leads to less surf at some lowtide reefs, increased beach erosion at some sites.
-Possible changes in the amount of surf reaching some areas or at certain times of the year.
-Much reduced water temperature if the Gulf Stream were to shut down.

View the report here (pdf)

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