Ocean Friendly Gardens
June 16 2009

West LA/Malibu Chapter - Venice Family Clinic

by angelscott

The picture above: the way the landscape looked before we applied OFG principles.

Above: the shrubs (called pittosporum) were removed.

Above: What it looks like now that we've applied "CPR to the landscape:" Conserving water using climate appropriate plants; maximizing Permeable areas; contouring the site to Retain rainwater on-site.

Design of the garden, workday oversight, discounted plant price and use of tools and truck were generously provided by Selena Souders, an active member of the West LA/Malibu Surfrider Ocean Friendly Gardens group and owner of Big Red Sun Nursery - located right down the street at 6th and Rose (super duper!). This project was funded by a grant from the outdoor equipment company, Patagonia/Santa Monica Store (thanks!). We used mulch from the free LA City loading location in West LA - it's made from what we put in our green bins.

Location: Venice Family Clinic's Administration Building
622 Rose Ave., Venice
West of Lincoln Blvd and just east of the corner of Rose and 6th.

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