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They are how we protect our special coastal places

08 • 01 • 2012

Agate Beach, OR Access Improvement

Local developers in the Agate Beach area sought to vacate a section of road in April of 2010.  The Newport Chapter was actively seeking to stop future development of  this special place, while improving the access at Agate Beach and Yaquina headland. The chapter was in opposition to further development because of a) the enormous recreational value of the Agate Beach area, b) the trajectory of usage by surfers and others in this area is only increasing, and c) because that right of way belongs to the public and could be improved over time to be an important beach access improvement. After over 2 years of work with stakeholders, considerable support from the City of Newport, Lincoln County Commissioners and finally a $600,000 award from the Oregon Department of Transportation, the road vacation was abandoned for improved recreational facilities. Major kudos for this huge improvement, acquisition of the parking lot, construction of bathrooms and recreational amenities will follow in the fiscal year of 2013!