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They are how we protect our special coastal places

Asbury Park, NJ Keep North Beach a Beach

Prevent development along the northernmost beachfront in Asbury Park, NJ and turn the area into a County Park.

The Jersey Shore Chapter is working with other groups to stop the so called “Bradley Cove” development in the North End of of Asbury Park. The proposal to build 15 townhomes on the oceanfront would:

  • Decrease Public Access to the beach
  • Reduce the size of the parking lot used by anglers & surfers
  • Build in front of Asbury Towers, on Green Acres Land
  • Build on Ocean Avenue
  • Build in a V-Zone (wave velocity) which is against State CAFRA rules

The owner of this land has the rightt o develop it so the town is trying to bring together many factions to properly appraise the property and raise the money to buy it.