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Del Mar Plastic Straw and Stirrer Ban

03 • 04 • 2019

Del Mar Plastic Straw and Stirrer Ban

On March 4th, 2019, the Del Mar City Council passed a plastic straw and stirrer ban for the City of Del Mar!

The ordinance includes a ban on all plastic straws and beverage stirrers while paper, biodegradable and reusable ones can be offered upon request from a customer. The ordinance took effect on April 4th, 2019 although restaurants will have a six month grace period before facing fines for not complying.

Surfrider Foundation San Diego Chapter volunteers advocated for this coastal victory by raising awareness about the issue and speaking at city council meetings. Surfrider San Diego is also helping with implementation of the ordinace though educational outreach from the chapter's Ocean Friendly Restaurants program to City of Del Mar staff and local restaurants.