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They are how we protect our special coastal places

06 • 16 • 2014

EPS Food Packaging Ban in Portland, Maine

The Chapter engaged in a successful campaign to help pass municipal legislation to ban EPS foam food packaging in the City of Portland, Maine!  The Chapter's Rise Above Plastics Coordinator was invited by the City Council in 2013 to sit on the Green Packaging Working Group, to help develop this ordinance. 

Councilman Suslovic commended the Surfrider Foundation for its leadership and vital role in the formation of a strong ordinance, which positions Portland as one of the first New England cities to pass a ban on EPS foam packaging.  The ban went into effect in 2015.

Three cheers for the Maine Chapter, the Portland City Council, and everyone who helped pass this ordinance!  This is a fine step toward protecting the ocean, waves & beaches we all love.