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05 • 20 • 2020

Encinitas Plastics Reduction

Surfrider Foundation San Diego County Chapter applauds the City of Encinitas for passing a strong plastics reduction ordinance!

The City of Encinitas passed a three-phased plastic reduction initiative in 2020! Surfrider volunteers have written letters of support, rallied community members to attend City meetings and they have provided testimony at City Council meetings.

Phase 3 of the Encinitas Plastics Initiative was adopted May 20, 2020 through a second reading of Ordinance 2020-05 that will take effect October 20th, 2020. The proposed ordinance will amend existing Chapter 11.27 of the City’s Municipal Code, broadening the current Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) ordinance for restaurants to prohibit the following (in summary):

The sale of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Food Service Ware.
The sale of Plastic Straws and Plastic Utensils.
The distribution of egg cartons or food trays made from EPS.
The distribution of ice chests, or similar containers, made from EPS.
The use of EPS packaging materials.

Phase 2 of the Encinitas Plastics Initiative became operative on April 18, 2020, following City Council adoption of Ordinance 2020-02, prohibiting the distribution of plastic bottled beverages at City facilities and special events (effective September 1, 2020).

Phase 1 of the Encinitas Plastics Initiative became operative on February 22, 2020, following City Council adoption of Ordinance 2019-30, requiring the following of Food Providers (as defined in the Ordinance) in Encinitas: the distribution of Plastic Straws and/or Plastic Utensils must be Upon Request of the Customer, or Upon Offer by the Food Provider.  This requirement includes take-out and drive-thru orders. As of August 1, 2020, Food Providers will be prohibited from distributing straws made of plastic.