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They are how we protect our special coastal places

03 • 05 • 2012

Marine Reserves Designated in Oregon

The Oregon State Legislature passed, and Governor Kitzhaber signed Senate Bill 1510 which designates the Cape Perpetua, Cascade Head, and Cape Falcon marine reserves and adjacent marine protected area sites as recommended by the respective community teams and the Ocean Policy Advisory Council in 2010. These areas, along with the previously established sites at Redfish Rocks and Otter Rock, provide lasting protection for approximately 9% of Oregon’s Territorial Sea. This achievement has been a major focus for Surfrider Chapters in Oregon over the past 5 years and now sets a process in motion for agency rulemaking, and site-specific management plan development. This decision provides long term protection for several iconic coastal marine habitats within Oregon’s Territorial Sea through no-take marine reserves, as well as adjacent marine protected areas which will continue to allow crabbing and salmon trolling. These sites will protect these sensitive habitats from dredge material disposal, fishing extraction, point source pollution, offshore drilling, and industrial development such as renewable energy from occurring within their boundaries. These sites will also serve as a focal point for advancing nearshore scientific research to help improve future management.