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Massive Fish Factory Impacts Must Be Fully Considered

05 • 25 • 2021

Massive Fish Factory Impacts Must Be Fully Considered

Protect Humboldt Bay from Fish Factory Impacts

An unprecedented project has been proposed for the Samoa Peninsula. Nordic Aquafarms, a Norway-based seafood company, wants to build a massive land-based fish factory to grow 73 million pounds of Atlantic salmon each year at the old Samoa pulp mill site. The project includes five buildings with a combined footprint of nearly 800,000 square feet, would require 10 million gallons of water taken in from Humboldt Bay and Mad River each day, and discharge 12 million gallons into the Pacific daily. 

Update: Due to public engagement (thank you!) the project is now undergiong a full Environmental Impact Report. The report will be ready for comments in late Summer 2021. We will notify you when it is ready for review. Stay up to date by visiting the Humboldt County website HERE


The project, one of the largest in recent memory, should undergo a full Environmental Impact Report (EIR). This kind of analysis allows more public participation and is likely to help reduce harm to coastal habitats. 

This project would be the largest of its kind and unprecedented and would greatly impact our community and coastal area. Join us in calling on the County to fully analyze and mitigate the impacts in a Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR). 

Make your voice heard by May 24th! Click HERE to send a message to the Humboldt County Planning Commission