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They are how we protect our special coastal places

Nassau County, NY Pass the Spill Notification Bill to let people know of sewage discharges

To have Nassau County, NY notify the public when sewage spills happen.

In late 2010 the Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant in East Rockaway, NY was dumping sewage into Reynolds Channel behind Long Beach, NY. Years of neglect lead to a breakdown at the plant. A Surfrider member caught the discharges on video, put them on YouTube (search Reynolds Channel dumping there). This member organized other groups, held a press conference and other meetings, and got Nassau County to take action. The dumping has stopped but now the Central LI Chapter wants legislation to better warn the public in the future. People have the right to know if raw, untreated sewage is flowing into their local waterways. The “Spill Notification Bill” was introduced into the County Legislature in April 2011 but there has been no action on it. The legislature's presiding officer wants a system whereby people are notified by email.

The presiding officer died on Oct, 3, 2012, weeks before Hurricane Sandy and this idea went no further.