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Pass Bold San Francisco Foodware Reuse Ordinance!

Pass Bold San Francisco Foodware Reuse Ordinance!

The San Francisco Chapter is working to take bold steps to incentivize the use of reusable beverage cups and food service ware.

San Francisco has always been a leader for action in reducing single-use plastic pollution.  Now, the Surfrider Chapter is poised to help make the city and its coastlines even cleaner through inspiring legisaltion to spur a citywide switch to reusable foodware.

What is in the Proposed Ordinance? 

  • Only reusable cups, plates, and utencils used when you dine onsite at a restaurant

  • Reusable cups used to serve beverages at large venues, like stadiums and arenas

  • When you bring your own reusable cup for take-out, it can’t be rejected unless it is dirty or unfit to use

  • Restaurants can give you only the accessories (utensils, straws, condiment packets) you specifically request for take-out and delivery orders