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They are how we protect our special coastal places

02 • 04 • 2020

Pass Foodware and Single-use Beverage Ordinance for the City of Arcata

Surfrider Humboldt Chapter is encouraging the Arcata City Council to pass an ordinances prohibiting single-use plastic disposable foodware and prohibiting the use or sale of plastic, single-use beverage containers of a certain size at City facilities.

The City of Arcata has an enormous opportunity to address a major source of pollution in our communities, waterways, and coastlines by adopting an ambitious foodware and single-use beverage ban. With an estimated 10 million metric tons of plastic entering our ocean annually, the global plastic pollution pandemic is not something we can clean ourselves out of.

The solutions lie in source reduction and consumer awareness which this proposed ordinance directly targets. Given the City of Arcata's progresive zero waste goals, we need to take bold steps to curb our single-use plastic consumption while encouraging businesses and consumers to adopt habits that support healthy communities and a clean environment.