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Prevent Oil and Gas Drilling In Oregon's Ocean

03 • 27 • 2019

Prevent Oil and Gas Drilling In Oregon's Ocean

Oregon Surfrider Foundation Chapters and staff are working to advance legislation (SB 256) that permanently bans oil and gas drilling in Oregon's state waters (0-3 miles) and extends further protections against the threat of drilling in adjacent federal waters further offshore.

Victory! Today, March 27, 2019, Oregon Governor Kate Brown signed Senate Bill 256 into law, creating a new line of defense against offshore oil and gas drilling that could undermine the coast’s thriving tourism, recreation and fishing industries. The bipartisan bill, sponsored by Senator Roblan, Representative Brock Smith and Representative Gomberg, makes permanent a moratorium on oil and gas leasing in Oregon’s Territorial Sea that had been set to expire in 2020. It also blocks the development of new piers, pipelines and other infrastructure in state waters required to support oil, gas and sulphur drilling further offshore - Learn more and watch the signing! 

Following on our national effort opposing the federal administration's aggressive new oil and gas lease program, Surfrider launched a massive grassroots campaign in Oregon to both remove our state from the federal program, but also to unite with other state's through networked local opposition and state legislation. Throughout 2018, Surfrider rallied at the State Capitol, built a strong buisness coalition along the coast, worked in coastal cities to pass resolutions and even held press conferences with federal, state and local electeds alike. The bi-partisan Senate Bill (SB 256) seeks to repeal the sunset date of the existing offshore drilling moratorium—set to expire in 2020—and prohibits activities, like building new infrastructure, within state marine waters (0-3 miles) that would support oil drilling farther offshore in federal waters (3-200 miles). Introduced by lead authors Senator Arnie Roblan (D- Coos Bay), Representatives David Gomberg (D-Central Coast) and David Brock Smith (R-Port Orford), SB 256 already enjoys 19 additional co-sponsors. Let's get this done Oregon! 

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