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Protect Local Conservation Ordinances, Florida!

06 • 24 • 2022

Protect Local Conservation Ordinances, Florida!

Goal: to protect grassroots efforts to preserve and improve coastal environments.

Victory! Grassroots efforts to preserve and improve coastal enviroments in Florida were protected with the Governor's veto of SB620. 

Florida's 2022 State Legislative session saw the introduction of two very bad bills that threatened local litter control ordinances and wildlife conservation restrictions put into place in our coastal communities. 

Home rule is also a fundamentally Floridian value and practice. In 1968, Florida voters amended the state constitution to confer broad “Home Rule” powers to municipal government, under Article VIII, Section 2(b).

Through active campaigning, calls, and coalition work including with the Florida League of Cities, we were able to support the defeat of one of the two bills-SB 280 Local Ordinances that threatened the ability to pass ordinances directly impacting communities. 

SB 620 unfortunately passed through the Florida Senate and House. This bill would allow businesses to sue municipalities for ordinances passed that cost them 15% in lost revenue. 

Surfrider's activist network in Florida stood up for home rule and local conservation efforts following the passage of the bill. Their voices were heard and we celebrate this victory for Florida's coastal communities.