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San Diego Water Board Approves Supplemental Environmental Project

10 • 14 • 2020

San Diego Water Board Approves Supplemental Environmental Project

Victory for the San Diego County Chapter ‘ReWild Mission Bay’ campaign! The San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board recently made a major decision to support wetland restoration in Mission Bay.

The Water Board voted in favor of a “Supplemental Environmental Project,” which will allow the City of San Diego to use mitigation funding to study specific planning options for improving water quality in Mission Bay.  One of those planning options includes substantial restoration of wetlands.

Yesterday’s decision marks the culmination of a two-year effort by the ReWild Coalition since ReWild Mission Bay released its Wetlands Restoration Feasibility Study, which identified feasible wetland restoration alternatives for the area. The ReWild coalition is led by San Diego Audubon, with support from coalition members including Surfrider.

Wetlands are natural water quality filters, carbon sequesters, storm and sea level rise buffers, and habitat providers. Less than 1 percent of Mission Bay’s historic wetlands are intact, and we’re proud to be working hard to restore such an important ecosystem. More than 90% of California’s wetlands have disappeared – let’s get them back.