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They are how we protect our special coastal places

05 • 25 • 2009

Save Arcadia Beach State Park

As part of a land acquisition transaction, the eastern property of Arcadia Beach State Park was traded to an individual. The land that was in the park is now zoned for both 'Recreational Management' and 'Agriculture-Forestry' – zoning that would still place limits on the development of a subdivision on this property. The individual that acquired the property petitioned Clatsop County to rezone all of the former Arcadia State Park land to 'Residential Agricultural 2.' This would have allowed a subdivision on the property. The north coast activists are engaged in a campaign to stop this rezoning by submitting letter and testimony to the Clatsop Planning Commission. This former parkland at Arcadia is not accessible by existing water and sewer lines. All water would have to be drawn from small streams or wells above Arcadia Beach. All houses would have to install septic tanks. These developments would have a number of impacts on the use of the beach at Arcadia. The development could also bring additional congestion and aesthetic impacts to this unique place. Oregon’s Department of Land Conservation and Development determined that this petition did not meet numerous statewide planning goals, subsequently facing mounting local opposition and potential legal challenges the applicant withdrew his application.