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Save Biscayne Bay

12 • 21 • 2020

Save Biscayne Bay

To unite local and State decision-makers to take immediate and long term action to protect Biscayne Bay.

In August 2020, Biscayne Bay the idyllic lagoon at the center of the Magic City (Miami) was stricken with a fishkill unlike any seen in recent or recorded history. Thousands of fish took to the shores gasping for air. The culrpit, years of neglect, pollution and dumping into the Bay. For years Activists warned that the bay was at a tiping point, their cries fell on deaf ears, that is until this summer. The stench of decay unbearable and finally elected officials realized action was necessary. The Miami Chapter worked tirelessly alongside various other nonprofits to organize meetings, roundtable discussions and public rallies to bring longlasting and immediate change to save what wildlife was left in the bay. Biscayne Bay has in all it's history served as calm waters for paddlers, kayaers, boaters and fishermen, it's protection is vital to the quality of life in Miami Dade County.


Finally, in December 2020, Governor DeSantis and County Mayor Levine-Cava announced that $20 million will be invested in protecting Biscayne Bay, with $10 million of that funding coming from the state and $10 million coming from Miami-Dade County.