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Support Senate Bill 1 (Atkins) - Address Sea Level Rise

09 • 23 • 2021

Support Senate Bill 1 (Atkins) - Address Sea Level Rise

Support Senate Bill 1 (Atkins) - Critical Coastal Protection

This bill was signed into law on September 23, 2021 by California Governor Gavin Newsom.

Scientists state with certainty that accelerating sea level rise along California’s coastline is now a permanent feature of our state’s future, for centuries to come. The longer our state waits to invest in the planning, physical adaptations, and governance structures needed to vigorously respond to this reality, the more expensive that adaptation will become. And in the meantime, each foreseeable coastal disaster ahead will be that much more costly in dollars, in property, and in the health, safety and lives of our fellow Californians. The time for action is now.

SB 1 lays critical financial and institutional groundwork to address a statewide crisis that threatens total property value liabilities as high as $150 billion (LAO 2019), and poses immeasurable risk the coastal ecosystems, open spaces, and fish and wildlife that underpin California’s economy and cherished way of life.

Passage of this bill will represent a proactive, fiscally prudent, and urgently needed investment in the long-term protection and vitality of California’s environment, its economy, and its people.

Learn more about SB 1 HERE.