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Washington Marine Spatial Planning

06 • 20 • 2018

Washington Marine Spatial Planning

Date of the decision: June 20th, 2018

Washington Chapters

Brief Description: The Surfrider Foundation applauds the State of Washington and the state ocean caucus for their leadership and dedication to preserving and protecting the marine ecosystem and the various human uses off the Washington coast for future generations. The recently completed marine spatial plan sets out strong policies for protecting fisheries and sensitive resources that are critical to our coastal communities and ocean health. The plan also maximizes Washington’s ability to review and influence decisions in federal waters and sets a foundation for continued engagement and coordination with federal agencies, tribes, and coastal communities. This plan is the result of an inclusive process with numerous stakeholder representatives convened on the Washington Coastal Marine Advisory Council (WCMAC), including recreational representation by the Surfrider Foundation, as well as the incorporation of the best available science.

Decision Making Body: Washington Department of Ecology

How the victory benefits the environment or improves access (connection to mission): 

The Marine Spatial Plan (MSP) is a scientific and planning resource that:

  • Delivers baseline data on coastal uses and resources to capture current conditions and future trends.
  • Improves coordination on proposed projects, including among coastal tribes, stakeholders, and local, state and federal agencies
  • Outlines project-specific information requirements for future ocean use proposals, consistent with existing state laws and regulations.
  • Protects fisheries and important and sensitive ecological areas.

Partner organizations: Washington Coastal Marine Advisory Council and various stakeholders, Washington Departments of Ecology, State Parks, Fish & Wildlife, and Natural Resources, The Nature Conservancy.

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