Cleanup the Samoa Peninsula

Help make the Samoa Peninsula safer and cleaner

The Samoa Peninsula contains some of the most utilized beaches in Humboldt County, drawing large numbers of surfers, fishermen and beachcombers every day. Due to high usage and illegal camping there is an urgent need for public restroom facilities and trash receptacles along the five-mile stretch of the peninsula, from where State Hwy. 255 meets New Navy Base Road to the Samoa Dunes Recreation Area. There are currently no such facilities available, which has resulted in an ongoing problem with human waste, dog waste, and trash being left in the dunes. This is having a negative impact on both the dune environment and those trying to enjoy a visit to the beach. 

The Surfrider Foundation Humboldt Chapter is taking steps to make the Samoa Peninsula safer and cleaner, by working with the county to install and manage public restrooms and trash receptacles. 

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