02 • 01 • 2022

Create an Ocean Conservation Corps in California

Support California Senate Bill 1036 (Newman)

California's coastline faces the challenge of preparing for 1 feet of sea level rise by 2050, which will result in as much as 40 feet of horizontal flooding in parts of the coast. To meet this challenge and prepare a new generation of young environmetnalists to meet the challenge of coastal resilience, SB 1036 (Senator Josh Newman -Fullerton) will establish an Ocean Conservation Corps.

The bill provides young people with experience in coastal resiliency projects and helps to address the devastating impacts of recent oil spills including the Huntington Beach Oil Spill by prioritizing communities impacted by the spill in the bill's first round of funding.  In accordance with the polluter pays principle, funds spent on projects that undertake oil spill cleanup and recovery efforts will be reimbursed by the responsible party. Over the long-term the program is designed to grow to address broader resiliency goals including the restoration and ehancment of coastal watersheds and habitats; and maintenance of public access along the coast.                                                

SB 1036 is coauthored by Senators Bob Archuleta, Patricia Bates, Lena Gonzalez, Dave Min (principal coauthor), Henry Stern, Tom Umberg and Assemblymembers Philip Chen, Steven Choi, Tom Daly, Marc Levine, Laurie Davies, Janet Nguyen, Cottie Petrie-Norris (principal coauthor), and Sharon Quirk-Silva.

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