01 • 13 • 2020

Foam Free Washington

The goal of this campaign is source reduction of a chronic source of marine debris on Washington's beaches and marine environment, expanded polystyrene aka Styrofoam.

The Surfrider Foundation Washington Chapters are working towards a statewide policy change that would establish restrictions around certain expanded polystyrene products like food ware, packaging peanuts and recreational coolers. Expanded polystyrene foam frequently winds up as litter or ends up polluting our marine environment. Foam blows into our waterways and the ocean, clogs the stomachs of wildlife, and breaks down into smaller pieces that also get eaten. This foam breaks up into smaller pieces but do not readily biodegrade, lasting for years. Learn more about why foam is such a problem, and be part of the solution in Washington State!

SB 5022 is a bill being reviewed in the 2021 legislative session that would ban expanded polystyrene in our state (with some exemptions). For more information on what SB 5022 would do, check out our one-pager.

Plastic Pollution