07 • 10 • 2017

Hawaii Passes Ban on all Cesspools and Extends Tax Credit for Replacements

Surfrider's Hawaii Chapters sought to pass an extended tax credit to help homeowners replace cesspools.

In 2015, Surfrider helped pass a bill that would create a $10,000 tax credit to help homeowners replace old cesspools.  But the bill only covered those homeowners with cesspools within 200 feet of a water body (ocean, stream or water source).  This year, we worked with state legislators to pass a new bill HB1244 that would extend that coverage and offer more financial assistance to those who can't afford the conversion.  Most importantly, the mandate the conversion of all cesspools to better septic systems, ATU's or sewer by 2050.  HB1244 was signed into law on 7/10/17, becoming Act 125.  Surfrider has been working on this issue for five years, and this was a successful end to the campaign!

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