06 • 04 • 2021

New beach access for the First Coast

The First Coast Chapter has successfully supported a new perpendicular beach access for St. Johns County.

In support of Surfrider’s public beach access for all people initiative, the First Coast Chapter successfully supported a new perpendicular beach access to be created in St. Johns County, Florida. 

On My 4th, the St. Johns County Commission unanimously approved a licensing agreement for the installation of a new beach access walkway in south St. Johns County, in an undeveloped county owned right of way (the Escambia Right of Way).  This is currently an inaccessible location, and will provide a new public beach access point in St. Johns County.

Surfrider submitted a letter to the County Commission in support of the new access, which was read into the record at its May 4th hearing. 

Perpendicular access is vital to the public’s access and enjoyment of Florida’s beaches – there must be sufficient ways for the public to get to the beach in order to enjoy the beach.  With this new walkway, the County-owned Escambia right-of-way will benefit and be enjoyed by the county’s residents and visitors, for beach recreation. 

Beach Access