08 • 16 • 2022

Urge Congress to Invest in Ocean-Based Climate Solutions

Victory: Congress passes bill allocating record investments for coastal resilience.

On August 16, President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act, which will invest approximately $300 billion in deficit reduction and $369 billion in energy security and climate change programs over the next ten years. This bill reflects the largest investment in climate solutions in US history. However, the deal includes harmful provisions related to energy development that unfairly burden the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska with continued oil drilling.

Significant investments for climate and coastal resiliency include: 

  • $2.6 billion for coastal restoration grants for states and tribal governments. 
  • $200 million for Oceanic & Atmospheric Research and Forecasting for Weather & Climate.
  • $200 million for NOAA and National Marine Sanctuaries facilities.
  • An estimated $1.1 billion to support environmental review processes. 

Collectively, over $3 billion will advance coastal resiliency and protect blue carbon ecosystems such as mangroves, sea grass and salt marshes. Investments in coastal resilience are vital to help protect coastal communities from extreme weather and sea level rise, and restore habitats that absorb carbon from the atmosphere.  While Surfrider is grateful for this unprecedented investment in our coasts, we will continue to work with our allies to fight against new offshore drilling and other concerning provisions of the bill.

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