Pass SB 1078 - Sea Level Rise Revolving Loan Pilot Program

Get SB 1078 Across the Governor's Desk!

California's coastline is highly developed and $150 billion worth of property is at risk due to sea level rise.

Local governments need the ability and buy-in to implement proactive adaptation strategies and make space for the coastline.  Without such a mechanism, we will lose our beaches, witness loss of home and property in the communities least able to bear such loss, and otherwise be left to watch as the coming disasters unfold.

SB 1078 addresses this issue by establishing a fund for local governments to buy properties at risk of sea level rise in the next one or two decades. SB 1078 allows local governments to buy the time and ability needed to preserve California’s beloved coast and maintain coastal access equity into the future.   

The bill addresses the inequitable impacts of climate change by serving low income communities, and avoids a scenario where the general public is buying out the state’s highest priced properties. 

This is a truly an aisle-spanning piece of legislation that offers much needed hope by providing a real solution to the sea level rise crisis. Check it out here.

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