03 • 24 • 2021

Preserve Lighthouse Beach Access

Preserve access at Lighthouse Beach in Coos Bay, Oregon

The Surfrider Foundation is currently engaged in a campaign to preserve the long-standing Lighthouse Beach access trail off of Lighthouse Way in Coos Bay, Oregon. The Surfrider Foundation Coos Bay Chapter recognizes the unique nature of beach access and ocean opportunities at this site and is committed to preserving access. We are currently investigating the historical public use at Lighthouse Beach and appropriate solutions. What can you do to help?

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When Surfrider members were met with barbed wire blocking their only access to one of the most beloved beaches in their community, they were shocked and dismayed. Surfrider members and recreational users have used the footpath at Lighthouse Beach, year round, to get to this special beach for decades, and broader members of the public have been using the trail for generations. More than just a unique place to surf, Lighthouse beach is steeped in rich cultural, recreational and even scientific uses unparallel to other locations. Surfrider members have used this specific pathway to get to Lighthouse Beach not only for surfing and recreation, but also as stewards of the beach and community.  Our Coos Bay Chapter has hosted multiple beach cleanups here, including an extensive months-long cleanup when a large dock and millions of bits of foam from it washed up on Lighthouse Beach. When a house was threatened by oceanfront erosion here, the chapter jumped into a strategy to support the homeowner to move the home back, saving the house and the beach from disaster. Additionally, Coos Bay Surfrider has conducted our Blue Water Task Force water quality testing program at Lighthouse Beach for nearly 20 years and used this very path for these testing activities.

Surfrider has heard from hundreds of members of the public who are similarly very upset that their access has been cut off.  We will be releasing a comprehensive public use survey shortly, so please stay tuned to the Coos Bay Chapter’s website for that.  Anyone who’s ever used the Lighthouse Beach footpath is encouraged to fill that out to help with our investigation.  Surfrider encourages the property owner to remove the obstructions and urges that access be restored.

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