06 • 26 • 2017

Save Our Marine Sanctuaries!

The Channel Islands, Monterey Bay, Cordell Bank and Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuaries are in jeopardy. The Trump administration wants to undo existing protections and open up California's offshore waters to new oil drilling.


California's four national marine sanctuaries are key to our state's recreational heritage, healthy ecosystems and a thriving coastal economy. But a new Executive Order mandates a “review” of expanded sanctuary areas that seeks potential new exploitation of offshore oil and gas, frozen methane hydrates and subsea minerals within them. We must push back and insist the federal government not strip protections from our coast! 

The public comment period has closed, but you can still fight for our sanctuaries! Call your representatives in Congress to tell them to oppose new offshore drilling! Find your member's phone numbers here: Senate and House.

Ocean Protection