10 • 01 • 2020

Say no to seabed mining in Washington

Our goal is to prohibit seabed mining in Washington's waters, stopping a destructive practice before it starts.

Seabed mining has the potential to destroy and alter vast areas of our ocean before we even know what we’re losing. Here in Washington, we have a chance to prevent a disaster before it happens. Banning seabed mining in state waters (which extend three miles from shore) is an important first step that sets a precedent and demonstrates our commitment to ocean protection. Surfrider Washington and our partner organizations are circulating a sign-on letter for coastal businesses to show their support for protecting our unique and valuable marine resources. If your business depends on a healthy ocean and robust coastal communities, add your name to the growing list of businesses in opposition to seabed mining in our waters.

Seabed mining, the process of extracting minerals and metals from the seafloor, is a destructive practice that irreversibly damages largely unexplored and fragile deep sea habitat. Mining also creates toxic sediment plumes that can drift far and wide, threatening marine ecosystems and jeopardizing the coastal communities and businesses that depend on them. The technology has been around for decades, but until recently it’s been too costly and complex to make it worthwhile. Now, however, increasing demand, ironically due to an increase in renewable energy, has industry looking to the oceans as the next frontier. For more information, head to our Washington coastal blog

Our goal is to pass SB 5145, a bill being reviewed in the 2021 legislative session that would ban seabed mining in Washington's state waters. 

Ocean Protection