07 • 12 • 2019

Statewide Law Supports Bring Your Own Container, Cup, and More!

In July 2019, the California Governor signed AB 619 into statewide law. Referred to as the “Bring Your Own” Bill, this legislation is an impressive step towards supporting the transition from single-use items to reusables.

This law allows temporary food facilities at events to serve customers in reusable containers rather than single-use disposables. It also clarifies existing health code laws, ensuring that the public can bring reusable containers to restaurants for take-out. Read more about AB 619 at

Since AB 619 does not enforce the use of reusables, it’s up to eco-conscious restaurant owners, food vendors, and consumers to make the most of this new law. This is especially exciting news for our California-based Ocean Friendly Restaurants as they have the opportunity to fully adapt a plastic-free mindset at their establishments. View the blog post for tips to help maximize the impact of AB 619.

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