11 • 06 • 2021

Stop Shrimp Farm Water Pollution

Stop water quality pollution permit for Kauaʻi Shrimp.

Kaua‘i Shrimp, the island’s only shrimp farm, is seeking a new pollutant permit from the Department of Health, which is raising concern from the Surfrider Foundation Kaua'i Chapter. The proposed permit would allow Kaua‘i Shrimp to discharge certain pollutants within certain parameters while complying with the federal Clean Water Act. Under its current permit, residents have witnessed large fish kills that flow down the shrimp farm's ditches and end up in the ocean. The result is polluted and dangerous water. Surfrider Foundation Kauaʻi Chapter is requesting the Hawaiʻi Department of Health to hold a public hearing on the proposed permit, in order to raise its concerns and gauge the level of community interest in the shrimp farm’s activity. Ultimately, the Chapter wants the permit to be denied or improved so the resulting pollution from Kauaʻi Shrimp do not violate the federal Clean Water Act. 

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