Ocean Friendly Gardens, HOW
November 07 2010

55 People Attend Hands-On Workshop

by Paul Herzog

As the rain clouds cleared and the sun broke through on Saturday October 30, droves of people showed up to participate in the Hands-On Workshop on Site Evaluation. At last count, we had 55 attendees! It was sponsored by the City of Torrance. 

We calculated the water use and runoff for the site, what it could be if it were an Ocean Friendly Garden and how to utilize rain water to meet the needs of the new landscape. We ate some lunch, then the Workshop leaders, G3, helped us turn the data we collected earlier into information that the owners can use to design their garden. 

The Garden Assistance Program Workday is planned for Friday, November 26, 10am-4pm. Yup, it's the day after Thanksgiving, so we're renaming the day from "Black Friday" to "Green Friday."