Plastic Pollution, Bag Bans
April 11 2012

Phone In To Help Hawaii Reduce Plastic Bag Pollution

by Bill Hickman

RIGHT NOW is a critical time for the proposed statewide carryout bag bill and there is an urgent call to action:

Please call Hawaii leaders Rep. Calvin Say (808-586-6100) and Rep. Marcus Oshiro (808-586-6200) to say it's time to pass the Bag Bill.

You can call their office and say, "My name is ________ from _______, and I'm calling to ask you to support HB2483 (the Bag Bill). Will the Representative support the Bag Bill and schedule a hearing for it in Conference Committee?"

All Hawaii residents and visitors to the state should call in.  Tourism is a huge industry for Hawaii so let the Representatives know that you will still bring your vacation and business dollars - along with your reusable bags!

Hawaii stands poised to pass the nation's first statewide Bag Bill (HB2483). The bill would reduce the consumption of single-use plastic and paper bags through a small fee, and revenues from the fees would help fund watershed protection. Over the last four years, the coalition of supporters has grown to include the Governor, the heads of many government agencies, environmental groups, retailers, grocery stores, schools and thousands of people like you. Although the bill has passed through the Senate and the House, certain House leaders are still blocking the measure. So we need folks to call and let them know that this bill has broad support across Hawaii and the country.  The statewide Bag Bill will not affect the plastic bag bans at the county level on Kauai, Maui and the Big Island. (Photo credit: Rich Carey)  Click Here for more info.