Blue Water Task Force
March 22 2012

Blue Water Task Force 2011 Annual Report

by Mara Dias

The spring break season is underway, summer is right around the corner and this means that many people will soon flock to the beach. In honor of World Water Day, the Surfrider Foundation and Emergen-C Blue are releasing the first Blue Water Task Force Annual Report to share water quality testing results from the Foundation’s volunteer-driven testing labs. Below is a summary of the 2011 report’s top findings:

#1: 21% of the water test results measured high bacteria levels.
While 70% of the tests came back with low bacteria counts, 21% of the tests failed to meet national water quality standards set by the EPA to protect public health in recreational waters.  These high bacteria levels indicate fecal contamination and the presence of pathogens, or disease causing organisms, that can cause illness.

#2: Freshwater sources impacted by stormwater yielded the greatest amount of high bacteria samples.
The majority of samples that yielded high bacteria counts came from testing locations where freshwater sources drain the landscape or at beaches near these types of outlets.  This trend is consistent with NRDC’s Testing The Waters report, which identifies polluted stormwater runoff as the largest known source of beach water pollution.

#3: Monitoring programs help identify water pollution problems.
The more our Chapters test, the more problems they find that are affecting the health of our beaches and coastal waters.  This is also true of coastal states whose monitoring programs have grown since the passage of the B.E.A.C.H. Act in 2000.  As states collect more water samples, they detect more pollution issues.

In 2011, the Surfrider Foundation partnered with Alacer Corp., maker of Emergen-C Blue, to raise awareness about the need for clean water and alert communities about water quality issues through the Blue Water Task Force, presented By Emergen-C Blue.  With the help of Emergen-C Blue, the Surfrider Foundation has developed a website to store and display their water quality data. This site serves as a platform to alert surfers, swimmers, and the general public of beach water quality conditions and to engage local communities to solve their water pollution issues.

“As a sponsor of the Surfrider Foundation since 2009, Emergen-C Blue has donated more than $100,000 to the organization,” said Meghann Seidner, Emergen-C Senior Brand Manager. “As clean water becomes an increasingly scarce resource, Emergen-C Blue is committed to supporting, enhancing, and extending the efforts of the Blue Water Task Force by donating 20 cents for every Emergen-C Blue box sold to further the important work being done to improve water quality.

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