Know Your H20
April 14 2010

CA Water Plan Emphasizes Conservation and Recycling

by Rick Wilson

California's Department of Water Resources recently released Water Plan Update 2009. The Implementation Plan's 13 objectives include:
  • Use and Reuse Water More Efficiently
  • Use water more efficiently with significantly greater water conservation, recycling, and reuse to help meet future water demands and adapt to climate change.
  • Expand Conjunctive Management of Multiple Supplies
  • Advance and expand conjunctive management of multiple water supply sources with existing and new surface water and groundwater storage to prepare for future droughts, floods, and climate change.
  • Reduce Energy Consumption of Water Systems and Uses
  • Reduce the energy consumption of water and wastewater management systems by implementing the water-related strategies in AB 32 Scoping Plan to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions.