Plastic Pollution, Bag Bans, Expanded Polystyrene Foam
September 18 2013

El Cerrito bans plastic bags AND polystyrene foam foodware!

by Bill Hickman

Last night El Cerrito took a big step towards sustainability and plastic litter reduction by finalizing two ordinances - one to ban plastic checkout bags and another that bans polystyrene food containers at restaurants.  California is on the leading edge of plastic litter reduction with over 80 municipalities covered by a bag ban and over 60 municipalities covered by a foam foodware ban but much more needs to be done.

El Cerrito is catching up to a few cities that already have bag and polystyrene ordinances, such as San Francisco, but making a strong statement that plastics source reductions are needed to address various issues.  Landfills are filling up and cities are looking for ways to extend their existence, which is much cheaper than a new landfill.  Most marine debris starts on land and cities are looking for ways to address unsightly litter.  The ocean is downhill from everywhere and El Cerrito happens to be situated very close to San Francisco Bay.

What have you done to help to stop the plastic pollution disaster?  Get involved with your local Surfrider Chapter to help make a difference in your community!