10 • 08 • 2020

California Governor Newsom Announces Bold Agenda on Climate and Biodiversity

By jsavage

Earlier this week California Governor Gavin Newsom signed his second executive order aimed at mitigating the climate change crisis in the state. Wednesday’s order calls for the state to prioritize nature-based solutions in adapting to climate change and specifically establishes a state goal to conserve at least 30 percent of California’s land and coastal waters by 2030. 

In advancing this executive order, California joins 38 countries to support the global effort to achieve protection for 30 percent of the planet by 2030 to protect life and provide resilience to climate change. The executive order also comes following the state legislature’s failure to pass AB 3030, essentially doing what the legislature did not. Newsom said the order would serve “our collective goal of future-proofing the state of California, of making the state more resistant and resilient to the realities of climate change.” 

Surfrider supported AB 3030, continues to support the global effort and applauds Governor Newsom’s commitment to creating a more resilient California. The executive order also directs the California Natural Resources Agency to form a California Biodiversity Collaborative to bring together experts, leaders and communities to pursue a unified approach to protecting biodiversity and develop strategies to support the 30 by 30 goal. California is considered one of the world’s 36 “biodiversity hotspots” because of its high concentration of unique species that are also experiencing unprecedented threats. Of the estimated 5,500 plant species found in California, 40 percent are “endemic,” found nowhere else on Earth.

The announcement further highlighted the role of California Native American tribes as critical partners, a fact made especially relevant by the state’s horrific wildfire season

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