Know Your H20, Low Impact Development, Water Recycling
August 10 2012

New Report Validates Know Your H2O

by Rick Wilson

An international team of researchers from University of California Irvine, University of Melbourne, Scripps Institution of Oceanography and other institutions just published a report which will appear in a special Aug. 10 issue of the journal Science. The report, Taking the “Waste” Out of “Wastewater” for Human Water Security and Ecosystem Sustainability, concludes that changing human behavior and redoubling use of alternatives are critical to breaking the cycle of a ceaseless quest for new water that generates pollution and decimates wildlife, rivers and ecosystems. This is what Surfrider has termed the 'Cycle of Insanity'.

The report describes three emerging methods of addressing shortages: substituting high-quality water with lower-quality water where appropriate, creating drinking water from wastewater, and reducing leaks and the volume needed for basic services.

Read UCI's news release and watch a short video where principal author Stanley Grant of UCI describes the report's main findings.