Plastic Pollution, Bag Bans
July 08 2014

Face Petitions, Bag Legislation and Twitter

by John Weber

It's a beautiful thing that virtually every elected official is on Twitter and Instagram, and so are members of the media who follow those feeds closely. So why not send City Council Members a picture expressing how you really feel about some pressing issues. Chapters are doing just that with help of a few simple signs and a list of elected leader's Twitter handles and emails addresses. The NYC Chapter kicked off their summer with such events at the New York Aquarium and their Barefoot Wine Beach Rescue Project. The signs were handed to participants, who hand their phones to the Chapter volunteers. The photo is then sent to the targeted elected official via Twitter, Instagram, or email depending on which of these the participant uses.

Also beautiful is the fact that people are walking away from the event with the picture in their phone. They can use it again, post it to Facebook, send it to friends, or when contacted by the Chapter, send the photo to an additional target. 

If you get the Bag Monster into the act it becomes downright fun.