November 22 2006

Nye Watershed Partnership

by Surfrider Foundation

Surfrider members are partnering with City of Newport, Oregon Coast Aquarium and other partners to monitor, source, and reduce bacterial contamination of Newport, Oregon beaches. On Nov 6, the Newport City Council unanimously passed a motion supporting the city's participation in this unique collaborative effort with Newport Chapter. Volunteers are researching options for DNA analysis of pollution sources, as well as education initatives and best management practices (BMPs) for addressing non-point sources. Blue Water Task Force testing by Newport Chapter has indicated significant levels of bacterial contamination of Nye Creek and Nye Beach. Thanks to Charlie P and Newport City Council/Staff for their leadership on this important effort.

Partnership for Monitoring, Sourcing, and Reducing Non-Point Source Bacterial Contamination of Newport Beaches

Task 1 Implement enhanced monitoring program for bacteria in Nye Creek (# sites, frequency, etc)

Task 2 Conduct DNA Analysis to determine source(s) of bacterial contamination

Task 3 Develop public education and outreach initiatives

Task 4 Implement Best Management Practices (BMPs) to address pollution sources