Ocean Friendly Restaurants
October 25 2019

Ocean Friendly Restaurant Spotlight: Antoine’s Cafe in San Clemente

Antoine’s Café is a quaint cafe in San Clemente serving local patrons for the past 30 years. Today, it’s among a growing number of trailblazing restaurants in South Orange County taking strides towards reducing single-use plastics. It is clear that Antoine’s operates with intention to help the community.  From owner to employee, all members are on board to make a change for the better.

Owner Veronique Price strives to reduce plastics in every aspect of their food provisions. You will not find plastic beverage containers at Antoine’s Café and they do not hand out plastic straws.  Veronique shared that, while the initial cost of goods can be slightly higher for environmentally friendly supplies, education of staff and conscious reduction of waste (i.e. straws when not necessary) balance out the cost-benefit of investing in this agenda for her restaurant. She found that with good training the benefits have been great. By not providing unnecessary dining supplies there has been benefit for the bottom line of the business, better awareness for waste reduction, and a reduction in their environmental impact.  This in turn is a great benefit for the community - great drinks and food with a good conscious. 

To go one step further towards a sustainable restaurant experience, there is the option to purchase a reusable Antoine’s Cafe mug. The ocean friendly, plastic-reducing patrons who purchase these logo mugs receive perpetual discounts when they return to the cafe. These mugs are a great way to be ocean friendly and to give back to their loyal patrons.  Together the community is cutting their waste and helping conserve resources. Antoine’s Cafe is a must-dine location when you are in San Clemente.

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