Ocean Protection
April 08 2012

Ocean Frontiers Film Opens to Rave Reviews

These days, it often seems like all the news about the oceans is bad. Dying reefs, troubled fisheries, eroding beaches, acidifying oceans - it's enough to make an ocean lover lose hope.

That's why I was thrilled to discover Ocean Frontiers, a new documentary by Green Fire Productions. The film showcases real people working together to create solutions to the complex problems facing our oceans. The result is a compelling story that profiles stewardship efforts originating from some rather unlikely circumstances (think Iowa farmers protecting the Gulf of Mexico, whale advocates working with shipping companies).

Woven into the Ocean Frontiers narrative is the idea that ocean users and communities will chart the course for implementing our National Ocean Policy. In an age of partisanship and gridlock in Washington D.C., the film reminds us that the best solutions often come from the bottom-up.

The Surfrider Foundation has already co-sponsored several sold-out Ocean Frontiers screenings in the Pacific Northwest. I encourage folks across the country to see what the buzz is about!

To see the list of upcoming U.S. screenings: http://ocean-frontiers.org/find-a-screening/

To host your own screening: http://ocean-frontiers.org/host-a-screening