Ocean Protection
June 25 2013

Ocean Leaders Call on President Obama and Congress to Improve Ocean Governance

by Pete Stauffer

The Joint Ocean Commission Initiative has released a report calling on President Obama and Congress to improve the management of our ocean resources. Charting the Course: Securing the Future of America's Oceans includes specific recommendations that focus on areas where short-term progress can be readily achieved. The report outlines measures for immediate action on four areas:

  • Enhance the resiliency of coastal communities and ocean ecosystems to dramatic changes underway in our oceans and on our coasts
  • Promote ocean renewable energy development and reinvest in our oceans
  • Support state and regional ocean and coastal priorities
  • Improve Arctic research and management

The Surfrider Foundation was one of many stakeholders that provided input on the report and we endorse many of the recommendations. In particular, actions to protect and restore natural coastal features, improve wastewater treatment, fund ocean science, support regional partnerships, involve stakeholders in renewable energy development, and create a national ocean trust fund. We believe such decisive action from the President and Congress will help advance the stewardship of our oceans and coasts. 

Read the full report here

Read the press release here