Ocean Friendly Gardens
January 29 2014

OFG Responds to Droughts - And Water Pollution, Flooding, and…

by Paul Herzog

A Surfrider Ocean Friendly Garden is featured in an article in today's San Diego, CA-based Union Tribune (at right, picture by UT's K.C. Alfred). The garden was designed by OFG activist and landscape designer, Morgan Vondrak, and installed in part through a Garden Assistance Party.

The newspaper is seeking "super water-savers" to profile as a response to the state governor's drought declaration. But OFG isn't just a water "demand reduction" program, as detailed in the article's caption for the picture. OFGs use:

  •     Rainwater as a first source of irrigation, which also prevents water runoff.
  •     Slow water down to reduce flooding and erosion of stream banks.
  •     Prevent sewage spills for cities with combined sewer-stormwater systems.

OFG is more bang for the buck than more highly engineered projects, and can be done by you at your home or work (or hire a professional to assist you - and lead an OFG workday).